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Who Are We?

Monto for Information Technology and Services is one of the fastest growing digital companies in the Middle East. We offer our customers a unique and distinctive service, taking advantage of our extensive experience in the field of innovative marketing communications and the adoption of contemporary ideas and methods and follow the global developments in this area.

The company was established in 2019 by a number of specialists in the field of digitization, public relations and e-marketing, to help companies in the transition from the normal pattern to global in keeping with the methods of presentation and service delivery.

Our Services

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Web Design and Development

Believing in the need to keep pace with global developments, Monto is working to provide its services in an institutional manner where there is a team dedicated to the design and development of websites and technical support around the clock.

Monto is also keen to develop its servers in line with international standards in terms of space, speed and technical support.

Digital Marketing

With the current developments in the world of marketing, the trend of social networking sites in all its platforms is urgent, and more productive than the rest of the marketing platforms, where it gives you the possibilities to make you determine your audience accurately anywhere to all age groups while retaining all the typical marketing tools through Sound and visual effects.

But what distinguishes e-marketing is the follow-up, analysis of the results and know the impression of the audience about the service provided.

Hosting Services

With Hosting services, Munto is giving the best and valuable solutions to make the Web space is secure and live all the time.

We offer Shared, Cloud and Didicated Hosting that any website need to be safe and secure with 24/7 support for all our hosting services which make the client feel safe and comfort and if the website faced any trouble Our team will be here to solve any problem at any time.


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